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The Company was incorporated under Companies Act, 1956, with the name Sifa Trading Company Limited on August 13, 1981. The name of the Company was changed from the Sifa Trading Company Limited to 'Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Limited' on April 25, 2000. On February 4, 2019 the name of the Company changed to 'Galaxy Cloud Kitchens Limited' (GCKL). The Company's shares are listed in BSE Limited.

It is involved in efficiently setting up and running Central Food factories called commissaries, focused on manufacturing of fresh foods ranging from fresh bakery, desserts, hot meals, cold meals to home meal convenience foods and ready to eat products.

At present, GCKL operates 3 commissaries across three cities which include Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon.

GCKL aims to be India's leading fresh food production Company known for world class quality fresh food supplying to retail, institutions and HORECA segment. GCKL is strategically placed to take advantage of this opportunity by expanding rapidly across the country and become a market leader in this space.