About Galaxy Cloud Kitchens

The Company was incorporated under Companies Act, 1956, with the name Sifa Trading Company Limited on August 13, 1981. The name of the Company was changed from the Sifa Trading Company Limited to Galaxy Cloud Kitchens Limited (GCKL) on April 25, 2000. The Company's shares are listed in BSE Limited.

At present, GCKL operates 3 commissaries across three cities which include Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon.

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Business Segments

Galaxy Cloud Kitchens Limited supplies fresh food to retail, institutions and HORECA segment.

  • Serviced through our commissaries network Focused on B2B & Institutional segment
  • Provides a white labela food solutions for established third party retail outlets like KFC, Burger King, Birdya's, Taj Group, WH Smith etc.